22 years old.
From Montreal.
Graduate from Art School.
Music is my life.

"I get by with a little help from my friends. I get high with a little help from my friends. I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends."


“3 2 1 here comes the fireworks baby.”

Ohh my dear friends. This is why I love you so much!! <3 Sorry it’s in french. And even if you speak french. It doesn’t make sense.

Ohh my dear friends. This is why I love you so much!! <3 

Sorry it’s in french. And even if you speak french. It doesn’t make sense.

Currently going through all my videos and photos on my computer and then something came into my mind.

Remember that time when John called me. And we found out weeks later that someone has filmed it and then put it on youtube. Cause I do!

I’m gonna make this short and sweet.

2nd date on the pioneer world tour in North America. (Williamsville, NY)

48h off from work to do a roadtrip with my friends. That’s how I roll.
15h of sleep since sunday morning.
20h of driving

Basically we did: Montreal-Toronto-Niagara Falls-Williamsville-Toronto-Montreal.
We had these weird friendly agents a the border to get into the United States of America.
We did some express shopping before the show. SEPHORA.
We dance….. A LOT.
Got back to the hotel really late or I can say early in the morning.
No sleep because SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.

And now it’s over.
Post concert depression?? .. don’t know yet. Don’t feel like it now though. I feel like I enjoyed it more than usual. And I consider myself really lucky. I don’t feel sad or anything. I just feel SO FREAKING HAPPY.
Well.. we will see tomorrow if I get out of bed.

Well actually it wasn’t THAT short. ahah

Back to reality tomorrow morning.

Going back to work tomorrow after 4 amazing day. It’s going to be so hard. Here’s what have been going on these past few days ahah.

Wednesday night I went to Marie-Philippe’s place in Montreal after work because we had to get up really early to pick up Morgane who was arriving from Toronto with two of our friends, Andréanne and Fred. We went to bed aroud 2 am and we had to wake up at 5 am.

So thursday morning we went to the bus station pick up Morgane and we went back to Marie-Philippe’s place to get ready. It was Morgane’s first time here in Montreal and it was also The Maine’s concert here in Montreal that same night. So we had a BIG day ahead of us. So around 10am we went downtown Montreal. Andréanne joined us. We walk to the old montreal and spend half of our day walking there. Morgane ate her first cream egg and her first cupcake ever! Later we got to the venue, we gave Pat the cupcake that we told him earlier that day we were going to give him. Then Morgane wanted to buy a record of Bob Dylan so we went to that record store not too far from the venue and we ran into John just when we were about to get in the store he was coming out. We talk a little but it was raining and he was in a hurry so he told us that we were going to talk later. So once we got out of the record store we went to La Belle Province and Morgane ate her first poutine ahah. And then we went to the show. It was amazing. A lot of my friend were there I think we were like 15 just hanging out in front of the sound booth ahah. And The Maine played their longuest set ever. It was such a great show! After the show we hang outside. It was so funny! I never laughed that much in my entire life. My friends are crazy but I love them SO SO much!! We left the venue around 12:30 once we have talked way too much with john ahah. He’s such a sweet, down to earth and crazy guy. I love how you can talk about anything with this guy. Like you can have the most serious conversation and then just be kidding with him. And then we end up at this bar not too far from there. We got back to MP’s place around 3am I think. We talked about our night for about an hour cause we were so excited ahah. And then we went to bed.

Friday morning I woke up early and thought yesterday was a dream. But it wasn’t. Morgane and I got ready and we left because it was my art exhibition. That thing that stressed me out for the past few weeks WELL… ITS DONE NOW!! ahah. I’m so glad Morgane was there to see it. Some of my friend came as well. It was fun. After that we went eat Chinese with my dad and his girlfriend. And we come back to my place. 

And today Morgane went back to Toronto. It sucks! I had so much fun with her I didn’t want her to go back just yet ahah. But .. we are going to buffalo in 10 days to see The Maine again. I cannot wait!!